AppNote Tool: Error Process Source Code


If you've built at least one component in exteNd Composer, you've probably realized how easy it is to capture a system error and send the results to a log file. Composer provides a number of methods to handle this situation with actions such as the Try/On Error or Raise Error and logging options. These actions make it very easy to capture an error condition and then send it to a log file.

However, a production situation often requires the use of multiple components. That is when a number of error processing questions arise; among them might be the following:

  • How can I best manage the error processing of these related components?

  • How do I propagate the error up to the calling component?

  • How or where is it best to record or log the error?

  • Which components completed processing before the error occurred?

  • Should the execution process even continue after an error is encountered?

  • Where in the process is the most time spent processing?

This AppNote presents an efficient method to address these process/error management issues. It is designed for consultants and developers familiar with the exteNd Composer development environment who want a flexible method of recording process errors and component execution paths.

This download is the sample project referenced in this AppNote.


Bob Burgess

Marcel Thibault


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