Avanti's TaskMaster v4 Replication / Synchronization / Automation Utility


TaskMaster simplifies File Replication, Data Synchronization, and Server Task Automation. Loading the TaskMaster NLM on a Server provides the following features:

  • TMConsole (Shell) interface with 60 extended Console Commands which can be used to perform most File System management and maintenance tasks, as well as numerous other Server management operations. Most of the commands emulate their popular Novell / DOS utility counterparts.
  • Enhanced Batch Processing engine supporting both NetWare Command Files (.NCF) and extended TaskMaster Task files (.TSK) that provides numerous extended Batch Commands, extended System Environment Variables, dynamic User Defined Variables, IF/WHILE conditional logic structures with a wide range of conditional tests, as well as string comparisons.
  • Flexible Task Schedule integrated to support the scheduling of .NCF and .TSK scripts based upon intervals (every xx minutes), an hourly time (xx minutes after each hour), or a specific time (hh:mm) on selected days of the week (MWF), a specific day each month (15), or a specific date (12/31).
  • Secure Remote Console Client which utilizes a combination of Bindery/NDS rights and TaskMaster defined access control to grant Full, Limited, or View only access to the Server. Multi-Session, Multi-Server compatibility.
  • Server-to-Server support for many commands. Transfer files between Servers, launch tasks on Remote (Slave) Servers from the Local (Master) Server, even send specific commands to Remote Servers manually or within scheduled tasks.
  • Data Synchronization / File Replication for specific files, file patterns, directories, &/or volumes residing on Local &/or Remote Servers via the extended Console Command: SYNC. SYNC utilizes a simple, yet flexible, command line interface, rather than a complicated database or an intermediate workstation, and processes Servers on the LAN/WAN, even across NDS trees.

  • Server-based (Server-to-Server direct, no Client required)
  • SYNC as a scheduled task or on demand (via Console)
  • Master-to-Slave / Bi-Directional SYNC processing
  • Multiple concurrent SYNC: 1-to-1 / 1-to-Many / Many-to-1
  • SYNC a Server / Between Servers (LAN/WAN) / Across NDS trees
  • SYNC a single file or a wild card pattern, in a directory or within a directory tree
  • Exclude a file, a directory, patterns in a directory, or patterns in a directory tree
  • Logging options to record processing activity / results, as well as the ability to view activity and processing statistics in real-time
  • Intelligent, real-time compression of data during transfers
  • Block level (delta change) updating of files during transfers
  • Full NetWare compatibility (LONG / MAC / NFS Name Spaces, Attributes, Compression, Date/Time, IRM, Owner & Trustees)

Automate virtually any Server Management task normally performed at the Server Console and most File Maintenance tasks which normally required workstations or operator intervention to complete. Centralize Backup, Distribute New Data / Updates, Automate Fail-Over and Disaster Recovery Operations, and much more. All with one solution: TaskMaster.

Acclaimed support (via phone or E-Mail). International Distribution / Support Available (not all areas). Automating NetWare Servers since 1994, Replicating / Synchronizing NetWare Servers since 1999.

Product Components:
TaskMaster NLM (2 - Master & Secure) - 384 KB ( /-) each;   TMClient Task Management / Scheduling Windows Client;   TMRemote Remote Console DOS Client

Supported Platforms:
NetWare v5.1 / v6.0 / v6.5 / OES NetWare / OES2 NetWare

Fully functional thirty (30) day, two (2) Server evaluation



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