UniqueID Gadget 1.1


The UniqueID gadget will allow a user (typically an administrator) to query an LDAP database for account names. It will let the user enter an English name (first name, initial, and last name) and the gadget will produce several possible unique IDs. It will also show if each one of these exist in the database, and if so, when the last time the account was used.

Additionally, you can get more detailed information about any userID including name, phone number, context, login time, and a few other attributes.

Send new naming rule suggestions to the author.

Administrator configuration:
Install the NPG file as per the NPS documentation and assign it to a page.

LDAP Server: The LDAP Server you want to run the tests against. An IP address is recommended.
LDAP User: The userid of a proxy user with enough rights to search and browse the tree. [Required]
LDAP Password: The proxy users's password [Required]
LDAP Base DN: The root of the LDAP tree to do searches on (optional), If omitted, it will search the entire tree.

Rules: Whether or not to test for a particular rule.

LDAP Notes: This NPS gadget *requires* an LDAP proxy account. It creates its own LDAP connection using JNDI and completely ignores any LDAP connections established by NPS itself. It can be a fairly intensive LDAP search as it will search everything the LDAP proxy user has rights to. On distributed LDAP trees, this might take a long time. Ideally the LDAP server should have all the data required for the search without having to walk to other servers. On a flat tree with 500,000 accounts on a single eDirectory server, it searches for 8 ID's faster than NPS can refresh the screen.


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