FTP Gadget 0.1


This gadget allows users to access FTP files using Novell Portal Services. The gadget acts as a proxy for the user allowing the user to download and view files on an FTP server from within a portal gadget.

This gadget has not been tested with versions of the Java Virtual Machine prior to 1.4 JVM.

This gadget requires NPS 1.5 SP1 or newer.

  • Cached directory listings. Directory listings are cached (for an admin specified interval) to speed NPS page displays
  • Directory Index Viewer. Many FTP Servers will have "00index.txt" style files in each directory to provide descriptions for the content of the directory. The FTP Gadget will show them inline with the directory view.
  • Built in viewer. The FTP Gadget will show files normally viewed in a browser inline inside the NPS gadget display space.
  • SingleSignOn. The FTP Gadget can use the NPS native facilities (Portal Macros) to do single sign on for users.
    Java FTP API:
  • The FTP Gadget uses the an unmodified version of the NetComponents 1.3.8 Java FTP API.
  • Turn on NPS debuging! This gadget will output helpful information to the NPS debug log.
  • If you are having problems getting things to go, try doing an FTP operation from the server running NPS with another FTP application. The command line 'ftp' program on UNIX and win32 systems works well for this.
    If it doesn't work the gadget won't either.
  • Certain FTP Servers output their directory listings in such a way that will cause the FTP Gadget to not be able to read their contents. In this case, the FTP Gadget will not be able to work with the server. The Microsoft NT FTP Server is one example. Most UNIX style ftp servers on the internet work fine.
  • Click the "descriptions" button when configuring the gadget. There's helpful text to help configuration.

- First Public Release


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