IPAssignment Inheritance Provider l


To install:
- Add the jar file to nps/WEB-INF/lib directory.
- Go to Portal Admin -> Portal -> Configuration -> All Settings -> Add a new setting called: "Custom Inheritance Providers."
- Set the value to "com.novell.jrivard.nps.menu.IPAssigmentInheritance."
- Restart Tomcat (or whatever servlet engine your running).

To configure:
- Create a page you want to assign by IP Address. Do not associate this page with anything.
- Edit the page using Portal Admin -> Properties -> All settings -> Copy the "Object GUID" of the page, including braces: {E6DDD759-0000-00F4-30B7-6CDA0A7B2638}. (Note: be sure to take the GUID, not the editable service field.)
- Go to Portal Admin -> Portal -> Configuration -> All settings -> Add a new setting called: "IPAssignment."
- Set the value to the IP Address you want to assignment that page to and the GUID. For example "This is for applications page#{E6DDD759-0000-00F4-30B7-6CDA0A7B2638}" Without the quotes.
- The first field is a description, and is ignored, but can be helpful when assigning many pages this way. The second is the source IP of the connection. The third is the GUID, including the curly braces.
- You can have as many values as you want.
- The Inheritance Provider puts informative messages in the portal's HIGH output level.

- This uses the source IP of the connection, not the X-Forwarded-For.
- There's no way to negate the assignment. IE, it's not possible to assign a page, if you're external AND you're a manager. (Page assignments are always "joins" or "or"s).
- A work around would be to use page overlays. Assign the page to managers and page overlays to external users and therefore users will only get the gadgets on the overlay, if both conditions are met.
- Exact IP address must be used. The current version doesn't work with DNS or partial IP address matches.


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