Advanced Snapin for ConsoleOne


Key Features:

  • ConsoleOne snapin (user interface) creation within 5 minutes.

  • Handles almost all attributes syntaxes.

  • Synchronization of "dn" attributes (e.g. "Membership" of class "User" and "Member" of class"Group").

  • Support for multi valued attributes.

  • Automatic input element configuration (only have to specify handled attribute's name and the rest is taken from the attribute definition in the schema).

  • Supports creator snapin for existing and user defined object classes.

  • Supports pictures.

  • Supports a set of commands to dynamically and automatically calculate values of input elements, e.g. automatically calculate the "Full Name" out of the "Given Name" and the "Surname".

  • API to write your own Java Plug-Ins for Advanced Snapin. Plug-ins extend ConsoleOne's functionality in a different way than snap-ins do: A plug-in might, e.g., call an external Program, launch a wizard or simply display a message box.


  • Easily export your complete snap-in container to a ZIP file as a backup or for easy import into another tree.

  • With dn-panels you have to explicitly specify the attribute multi-valued="true" if you want to allow multiple values. This is only the case if you are using version 0.9.10 or later.

  • Use actions to greatly enhance your snap-ins' functionality.

  • Use an empty creator snapin for user defined object classes to get rid of the annoying and irritating warning when creating an object of this new class:

<adv dtd="adv.dtd" version="1.0"/>

This will cause a default snapin to be loaded which will handle all the mandatory attributes that are needed for object creation.

  • Use Advanced Snapin to manage photos in NDS and display them with eGuide 2.0.

  • Use the 'attr-type' attribute only for distinguished name attributes. The snapin will treat the others correctly automatically.


  • ConsoleOne 1.3.3 or later already installed.

ConsoleOne versions prior to 1.3.3 will be updated by Advanced Snapin running on Linux automatically and silent. On Windows not all of the new features will be available. To use all features on Windows platforms, update to ConsoleOne 1.3.3 or later.

Using the Installer (Windows platforms only)

  1. Quit ConsoleOne, if running.

  • Run the install file "AdvancedSnapin-yyyymmdd.exe".

  • Follow the instructions on the screen.

  • Start ConsoleOne.

Manual Installation

  1. Quit ConsoleOne, if running.

  • Unzip the file "" to a temporary directory.

  • Copy the file "AdvSnapin.jar" to the "<ConsoleOne Root>\snapins\advanced" directory.

  • Copy the files "AdvSnapinLib.jar", "AdvPluginLib.jar", "xp.jar" and "DirXML.jar" to the "<ConsoleOne Root>\lib\advanced" directory.

  • Copy the file "AdvSnapinRes.jar" to the "<ConsoleOne Root>\resources\advanced" directory.

  • Start ConsoleOne.

User documentation can be found in the file: "Advanced Snapin Documentation.pdf", also included in the ZIP file.

Complete 1.3MB Manual Install ZIP file:


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