NetConsole Launcher


This program watches for the Java instances that NetConsole uses. When NetConsole closes, the launcher then closes itself. This aids in Licensing issues with this product.

This program was written because my manager came to me asking if we could use licensing in some way to only allow a single instance of this app. I looked at the app, and found out that Startconsole.exe fires up, then launches Java, then closes itself. Well, this would release the license, and since this happens in a fraction of a second, NLS would do me no good for only allowing a single user into the app.

What I did is wrote an app that launches the Startconsole.exe, then watches for a new instance of Java. When it finds it, it records the PId of the instance. Since this app never closes, the license is never released, we can use NLS to allow only a single instance of the app to run.

  • Every second it checks the processes on the machine for the PID that it stored, if it does find it, it then verifies that the PID is the JAVA or JRE app, if not, it closes, releasing the license.
  • If it can't find the PID, IE the app closed (NetConsole), it then closes itself, releasing the license.
  • Because of this, NLS will only allow a single instance of the app to run on any workstation within the company.

This app could be easily modified to watch other such apps, not just NetConsole. The issue of launchers is common one, and this app could be used to help with these types of apps.

  • As usual no warranties, use at your own risk
  • Requires .NET framework 1.1 since it was written in 2003.
  • App runs hidden in the background with no UI, can be found in the task manager under processes.
  • Source code included.


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