File Strainer


File Strainer is a great tool to save precious disk space on your servers, and to ensure you meet restrictions imposed by company policy and your local law. It allows you to create different rules to control the creation and access to files stored on the server, freeing up a significant amount of storage space. Rules can be defined to allow or deny access, based on the size and type of that file, and the permissions of the owner or the user who tries to access it. Files violating the rules may be removed or moved to the quarantine, or a notification message might be requested when such an attempt is made.

Main features

  • monitoring file access in real time or scheduled

  • offending files can be removed, denied access or moved to quarantine

  • heuristic content filtering, independent of the file extension

  • flexible path rules

  • file size limitation

  • special rules for selected NDS/eDir users, groups or containers

  • notifications in email and broadcast message

  • easy and intuitive configuration

Typical usage would be to deny MP3 and movie files based on their content, regardless of the extension given by creative users.


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