Moving NSS disks from one OES server to another one


I have an old OES2 SP1 server. I installed a new server and connected it to the tree. Can I move the NSS disk from the old server to the new one and save the trustee? The old server has two software RAID 1 disks with one NSS pool and volume.

Massimo Rosen, Novell Knowledge Partner, supplied the solution.

If you can physically move the old disks holding the NSS volumes to the new server, yes, that will work almost completely automatically. You may have to go into NSSMU and activate the pools once, but from then on the server will mount them on boot, and all trustees will stay intact.

One thing to watch out for are the eDirectory volume objects. Officially, you have to delete and recreate them, which may affect stuff like user home directory attributes. Unofficially, you can change the Host Server attribute of the existing volume objects to reflect the new server.

RAID will work just fine when you move both disks to new server. The best plan is to move just one disk first. In that case you have an immediate fallback. You can move the second disk later but
make sure you keep it offline all the time.



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