TOOLBOX.NLM 2.17 for NetWare 4 - 6


TOOLBOX.NLM provides various utility functions to be executed on the server console or via NCF files without involving any clients.

Installation Instructions

Copy TOOLBOX.NLM to the SYS:\SYSTEM directory on your server.

NOTE: 4.10 servers require 410PT8B and LIBUPJ4 or greater. 4.11 servers require Service Pack 5 or greater. If the above requirements are not met, Toolbox may not be able to load because of unresolved symbols.

Also note that on 4.1x, 5, and 6, you must load CLIBAUX.NLM before loading TOOLBOX, otherwise some symbols may not be found. CLIBAUX is included in the support packs.



   load TOOLBOX [/NS] [/NL]

   /NS = Don't execute the Toolbox startup file
   /NL = No Login mode. (To access _NETWARE for disaster recovery)

After loading, general help can be obtained with the console command:

A command listing is done with the command:

For help on the commands provided by Toolbox, type:
   ? or /?

All commands can redirected with file redirection (> or > >)
followed by a filename at the end of the command.
   e.g. dir /st > sys:myfile.txt

All utilities,except where specified, allow operations on the local DOS partition, the local server's Volumes, and remote server's Volumes.

The utilities provided by Toolbox are:

auth - Manage authentication/connection information
beep - Ring the bell (no help available)
cat - Display file(s) on the screen chdir (cd) - Set/View current directory or default path
copy (cp) - Copy utility
del (rm) - Delete utility
delay - Delay command
dir (ls) - Directory utility
echo - Echo a string to the console (no help available)
flag - Flag and attribute utility
map - Alias mapping
mkdir (md) - Make Directory utility
move (mv) - Move utility (alias for COPY /MS)
purge - Purge deleted files
rmdir (rd) - Remove Directory utility
shutdown - Shutdown and restart the server
startfile - Edit the Startup file (see help in newly created file)
    Startfile Only Commands:
    CDV4 - Allow the CD alias in NetWare 4.x. (See CD help)
    NONS - Disable long name space support
    NSV4 - Enable long name space on v4.x (4.11 with Support Pack 6)
tapplet - Start a Java applet
texp - Export (copy) Toolbox.NLM and all associated files
tjava - Start a Java application
tload - Load a NetWare module
tmodules - List loaded NetWare modules
trun - Execute an NCF file
tunload - Unload a NetWare module
toolbox - Toolbox main help
tools - Toolbox Command List (this screen)
xtd,xtb,dtx - Hex, Decimal and Binary conversion

NOTE: I have run a quick test in the lab with multiple versions of Toolbox. It appears that purge is working correctly with Toolbox v2.17, however it doesn't display the files while purging (it just displays blank lines), whereas previous versions of Toolbox do display the files properly. Regardless of the version however, it does show you how many files were purged at the end of the process and it appears to have purged the correct number of files - even with v2.17.


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