Homes 4.02

This version still has all the old goodies.

Selection option: context, multi context, file (csv, ldif, txt), query

You can select if you want to create the NDS home attribute or the HOME DIRECTORY itself (or both), and you can set the directory attributes, trustee rights, volume-space restrictions or directory quotas or ownership for all files in a HOME DIRECTORY (especially useful after a migration). Set ownership of the files in the homedirectory (so userquota is correct).

New in this version:
The appearance has changed to a "wizard" like form so you are guided through the process so you can almost make no mistakes.

Also new in this version is a ldap-style selection option. (the program still needs the Novell Client!).

And the best: It is still free.

Known problem: The program does not work if there is a junction in the homedirectory path.


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