File Replication Pro - Native Novell File Replication & Synchronization

By Diasoft Corp.

File Replication Pro (FRP) is the leading application for file replication and synchronization on Novell platforms. While many file replication products claim to support Novell, they do not run natively on NetWare and SUSE, requiring a complicated installation and configuration process. FRP supports both NetWare and SUSE natively, providing an easy to use, GUI based, reliable and efficient file replication and synchronization tool.

Hundreds of customers are using FRP on NetWare and SUSE as their solution to improve the security, availability and accessibility of their critical business data through:

  • Off-site backup

  • Satellite Office synchronization

  • File sharing with business partners

  • Content Distribution

Planning to migrate from Netware to SUSE?

FRP' support of SUSE will ease the transition, providing you a method for easy transfer of your files from the old platform to the new. Once the transfer is complete, FRP will seamlessly continue supporting all your replication and synchronization needs on SUSE

Is NetWare your only O/S?

File Replication Pro runs natively across Windows, Unix, Linux & Macintosh. Many of our customers are successfully replicating from files from one environment to another.

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