How to install GWAVA in OES 11 cluster and configure an MTA Scanner for GroupWise 2012. Step by step.


Step by step instructions:

  1. Select a node in the cluster to install GWAVA

  • Installing the product: "rpm –ivh / gwava-6.x-<the version corresponding to the date of installation>"

  • Once installed the GWAVA check the path /opt/beginfinite/gwava/

  • Verify that the product has been successfully started running any of the following commands: "rcgwavaman status" or "ps aux | grep gwava".

  • In a workstation start the browser, go to the IP address of the server and the port 49282 (http:\\IP server:49282)GWAVA1

  • Complete the data required for the configuration.GWAVA2Important!. Don't forget the password the administrator.

  • Verify that the data supplied are correct and press "Install"

  • Complete the installation and initial configuration, the service of GWAVA is restarted automatically and must be presented to the initial screen console access monitoring.GWAVA3

  • Select the option "Enter Management Console". You will be prompted for the username and password that was placed in the previous steps.

  • Select the option "System Management", expand the options available and select "Licensing".GWAVA4

  • Locate the path where the license file is located (GW-6.x .pem), and press "Install"

  • You can see a summary table of the license characteristics.GWAVA5

  • If the server uses proxy service to access the Internet, select the option "Server / Interface Management", expand the options in the section "Server management", select "Configure server". Select the option "Proxy configuration" is found in the Options menu of server administration, to the right of the screen.

  • Place the data corresponding to the IP address of the proxy server and the port. Do not forget to check the option "Use Proxy server" and save the configuration.GWAVA6

  • Locate the option "Server Management" and select the option "Online update". Keep the setting that offers the product and remember checking the option "Remember update setting for this server" you click on option "Submit update request"GWAVA7

  • Start the upgrade process and it will download the file: for the time needed until the update process is completed with the following message: Enabling
    GWAVAMAN scripting
    Update process finished

  • The update is complete the service it is recommended that you restart the GWAVA for that all changes will be applied correctly. Run the following commands:"rcgwavaman stop" - To download the service
    "rcgwavaman status" - To check the service status
    "rcgwavaman start" - To start the service

  • Go to the management console of GWAVA, select the option "Server / Interface Management", select the option "Wizards" and finally, select "Install/Create new interface".GWAVA8

  • Select "GroupWise MTA Interface" and press "Continue". In the a welcome screen press "Next" to continue with the creation of the MTA Scanner.

  • Complete the data required for the creation of the MTA ScannerGWAVA10Scanner Name: Enter the name of the service
    Install on this server: Try to keep the name that offers the creation guide or change it if you prefer.
    MTA Startup File: indicate the path of the configuration file of the domain in the cluster resource
    /media/nss/Domain Volumen/domain folder/groupwise/agents/share/domain.mta
    GWMTA Program Location: /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/bin
    GroupWise Library Programs Location: /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/bin/
    GroupWise Library Programs Location: /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/lib/
    GroupWise Version: 2012

  • Select the option "Create a new policy for this interface", hold the options offered "Stop viruses" and "Stop Spam". Press "Next" to continue.GWAVA11

  • Verify that all the data provided and press "Install" to proceed to create the MTA Scanner. Wait for the completion of the process.

  • When you complete the creation of the MTA Scanner check if the configuration file of the domain media/nss/Domain Volumen/domain folder/groupwise/agents/share/domain.mta has been altered by the process of creation of the MTA Scanner.At the end of the file must be included all the required options for the GWAVA interact with the agent of the domain.
    /vsnamevalue- <gwavaman> <mta_agent> <id_object>1AQ7hmr.1aq7Kue.q< /id_object< /mta_agent> </gwavaman>
    ; /vsnoadm GWAVA disables scanning of admin messages (recommended)
    ; /vsnoadm can only be used for GW 7.01 or later
    ; /vsnoadm
    ; /vsnostatus GWAVA disables scanning of Status messages (recommended)
    ; /vsnostatus can only be used for GW 7.03 or later
    ; /vsnostatus

  • The process of creating the MTA Scanner adds a folder in the directory /opt/beginfinite/gwava/services. This folder must have a name similar to the following to /gwava_scan_engine_1aq7hmr.1aq7Kue.v, where the alphanumeric sequence must match, in part, with the id_object identified in the loading instructions added in the configuration file for the domain, as described above. This folder will be used by the GWAVA and, more specifically, by the MTA Scanner to review all emails that are sent from or to the domain.

  • It is recommended that you restart the GWAVA before proceeding with the following steps.

  • Go to the management console of GWAVA, select the option "Server / Interface Management", select "Configure Servers" and select the option "IP Configuration" in the options menu

  • Put the IP address that has been defined for the service of GWAVA in each of the components, as shown in the graphic below. This IP address can be the same of the cluster resource or any IP that has been set for the GWAVA in clusterGWAVA12

  • Stop the GWAVA using the command "rcgwavaman stop".Verify that no component of GWAVA is running on the server with the command "ps aux | grep gwava".In the case that any component is not downloaded you can use the pkill command to force the stop of daemon.

    Example: pkill commands -9 gwava or pkill commands -9 <number> process

  • Move the folder of the GWAVA from its current location to its new location in the cluster resource where you will find the domain"mv /opt/beginfinite/gwava /media/nss/Domain Volumen/"

  • Avoid that the script of loading and unloading of the GWAVA (Gwavaman) starts as an automatic service, running the command:"insserv -r gwavaman"

  • Remove the script loading and unloading of the gwavaman the directory /etc/init.d"rm /etc/init.d/gwavaman"

  • Modify the GWAVA script to specify its new location.Edit the file: /media/nss/ Domain Volumen /opt/beginfinite/gwava/assets/bin/gwava6Locate the label GWAVA_LOCATION and modify the path of the product, by putting their current location within the cluster resource

    "GWAVA_LOCATION= /media/nss/Domain Volumen /opt/beginfinite/gwava/"

    (Optional). Locate the line STANDARD_GWAVA_BIN and verify that the location of the binary files is maintained in the following location:

    STANDARD_GWAVA_BIN= " /opt/beginfinite/gwava/assets/bin/linux/x32/"

    Save the changes.

  • Edit the file /media/nss/ Domain Volumen /opt/beginfinite/gwava/assets/conf/services.confModify the path location of GWAVA (arguments ! /Root ) and place its current location in the cluster and add the IP address to be associated with each service of GWAVA (arguments ! /Gmanaddress ) in the cluster, as shown in the following example.
    program ! gwavaman
    arguments ! /root=/media/nss/ Domain Volumen /opt/beginfinite/gwava
    wait ! 2
    program ! qms2
    arguments ! /gmanAddress=
    program ! gwava
    arguments ! /gmanAddress=
    program ! gwvrelay
    arguments ! /gmanAddress=
    program ! gwavapoa
    arguments ! /gmanAddress=
    program ! gwavaupd
    arguments ! /gmanAddress=
    program ! gwvgwia
    arguments ! /gmanAddress=
    program ! gwvsmtp
    arguments ! /gmanAddress=
    program ! gwvstats
    arguments ! /gmanAddress=
    program ! gwvicap
    arguments ! /gmanAddress=
    program ! gwvapi
    arguments ! /gmanAddress=

  • Modify the configuration file for the domain to associate the MTA scanner that was created earlier (activity 22), with the IP address of the cluster resource where was moved the GWAVA.Edit the file: /media /media/nss/Domain Volumen/domain folder/groupwise/agents/share/domain.mtaLocate the parameter /vsnamevalue - and add the instruction <gmanAddress IP Address> < /gmanAddress> after the value <id_object>, as specified in the following example:

    /vsnamevalue- <gwavaman> <mta_agent> <id_object>1AQ7hmr.1aq7Kue.q< /id_object> <gmanAddress> < /gmanAddress> < /mta_agent> < /gwavaman>

    Save the changes.

  • Because the MTA Scanner was created using the local configuration of the server, it is necessary to recreate the symbolic links. In symbolic link lets you know the GWAVA the location of your files.Before creating the symbolic link is necessary to remove the current, which points to the address of the server's local hard disk.Do the following commands to remove the current links:

    unlink /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/lib/libgwvsmod.os
    unlink /lib/libgwvsmod.os

    Do the following commands to recreate the links to your current location:

    "ln -s = /media/nss/Domain Volumen/opt/beginfinite/gwava/assets/bin/linux/x32/ /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/lib"

    "ln -s / = /media/nss/Domain Volumen/opt/beginfinite/gwava/assets/bin/linux/x32/ /lib"

  • Verify that the symbolic links were created correctly by running the commands"l /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/lib/"
    "l /lib/" IMPORTANT! .The symbolic links must be created in all the cluster nodes where you will run GWAVA.

  • Edit the loading and unloading scripts of the cluster resource to add the necessary lines to the beginning of the GWAVA, and to stop the service when the cluster resource is placed off-line or migrated to another node.Use iManager to edit the scripts da loading and unloading.In the load script put the following statement before the load of the agent of the domain and add a delay time of approximately 5 seconds:

    "ignore_error /media/nss/Domain Volume/opt/beginfinite/gwava/assets/bin/gwava6 start"
    "delay 5"

    In the download script put the following statement prior to the discharge of the agent of the domain and add a timeout of 10 seconds

    "ignore_error /media/nss/Domain Volume/opt/beginfinite/gwava/assets/bin/gwava6 stop"
    "delay 10"

    The timeouts for loading and unloading of the service of GWAVA are vital for the correct functioning of the service, especially at the time that the cluster resource is migrated from one node to another. If necessary adjust or increase the parameter of expected at the time of download GWAVA

  • Migrate the cluster resource by all the nodes and check if it worked correctly.

  • Ready!


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