NwDskPe 2.7.8: NetWare Client on BartPE/WinPE


WinPE is a stripped down version of Windows XPsp1 or 2003 capable of running from a bootable CDROM.

NwDskPe is a plugin for Bart's excellent PE Builder to add and manage the latest NetWare Client on WinPE (AKA BartPE when created with PE Builder) for connecting to Novell NetWare servers. Choices for protocols (TCPIP or IPX or both), TCP/IP-settings, SLP-settings, connect-information, and more can be made using (timed) graphical dialogs and saved to user-profiles to prepare for fully automated sessions including AutoLogon to NetWare NDS.

Instead of a limited boot disk use a BartPE/WinPE CDROM with NwDskPe included as your swiss army knife for your maintenance tasks, imaging to and from NetWare servers and/or Microsoft shares, forensics, or as a 'teflon' temporary workstation (nothing will stick on the CDROM, no need to 'touch' the local hard disk).

New in NwDskPe 2.7.5/6/7/8:

  • Relocated File-sharing (Server service) for better compatibility

  • Fixed File-sharing (Server service) on XP Sp2 ('unable to start file sharing service')

  • Fixed problem processing Client when basedir not 'winnt'

  • Fixed NetWare Client detection

  • Added support for NICI (client 4.90 sp2)

  • Added option to limit DHCP retries

Feature list:

  • Works with any Novell NetWare Client for XP (any version, any language)
  • Defaults to Base Client install, full install is optional
  • NetWare Client patches can be easily applied by overlaying them
  • Multiple nic adapters supported
  • Supports TCP/IP and/or IPX protocol (per adapter)
  • TCP/IP configurable by DHCP or Static
  • On the fly switching between Static IP and DHCP is supported
  • SLP fully configurable by graphical dialog
  • Polling mode to ensure SLP resolution is complete before logon
  • Fully automated by (timed) dialogs, choices can be saved to profiles
  • Compatible with NwDsk (re-use your proven profiles)
  • All dialogs can be hidden from end-user
  • Supports bartpe.exe, *factory.exe, *netcfg*.exe
  • Automatically installs and starts all necessary services
  • Can also autostart Microsoft Client for connecting to Microsoft shares
  • Will perform AutoLogon to NDS
  • Implemented "nwtray.exe" (red-N in systray)
  • NICI supported
  • Supporting XP themes (in configuration mode)
  • User can add NetWare login-scripts and/or batch-files which autorun after login
  • Absolutely free!

NwDskPe's profiles and script structure are compatible with NwDsk. All Profiles and Scripts (*.pro, *.lan, *.scp) used with NwDsk can be re-used with NwDskPe by including them in NwDskPe's dir ETC\ in the plugin-dir (just copy your A:\ETC to NwDskPe's plugindir-ETC\). Of course you need to check if your Scripts are valid under XP/2003.

Unzip the downloaded file NwDskPe.zip and open the included Help-file NwDskPe.htm with your browser for instructions how to apply the included plugin NwDskPe.cab to PE Builder.

Visit NwDskPe for more documentation on how to setup NwDskPe.

Any comments, suggestions, questions, bug-reports to nwdsk@TAKETHISOUTveder.com.


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