Open Enterprise Server 2018 SP2 and iPrint Appliance 4.1 are Now Available!


Micro Focus is pleased to announce the general availability of Open Enterprise Server 2018 Service Pack 2 and iPrint Appliance 4.1! Open Enterprise Server 2018 SP2 is a secure and highly available suite of enterprise-ready file, print, networking, and application services. 

Open Enterprise Server SP2 includes exciting features and enhancements that will bring greater utility and ease-of-use, including:

Open Enterprise Server:

  • Platform and Eco-system currency – SLES 12 SP5 and eDirectory 9.2.1
  • Cloud Integrated Storage Enhancements – Enhanced desktop experience, User Insights, performance and HA improvements
  • File Stack Security Enhancements – NSS AES 256 Encryption, NCP Encryption, Auditing CEF Support, and Enforcing MFA
  • File Stack Performance Improvements – Support for Leases, cache optimization, and zero-copy in CIFS
  • File Stack Usability Enhancements – NSS Thin Provisioning and Sparse file support
  • File Stack AD Integration Enhancements – AD forest trust info dump support in NIT
  • Domain Services for Windows Enhancements – Schema and functional level support AD 2016
  • iPrint Advanced – iPrint as a pattern in OES and feature parity with the Appliance
  • NFARM Enhancements – Support for eDirectory rights management on Windows and AD rights management on Mac

iPrint Appliance 4.1:

  • Deliverables built from a single source for the Appliance and OES
  • Bug fixes

We hope you all enjoy the work that our incredible product and engineering teams have put into this release and that these new features will help keep your organization's resources safe, secure, and accessible.


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