Open Enterprise Server 2018 SP1 - Now Available!


Micro Focus is pleased to announce the availability of Open Enterprise Server 2018 Service Pack 1, which includes plenty of exciting features and enhancements.

 Open Enterprise Server 2018 SP1

Highlights include:

    1. CIFS Performance/Specification Compliance - Folder Redirection allows users to redirect the path of a known folder to NSS AD network file share. Users can then interact with the files in the redirected folder as if it still existed on the local drive. Beginning with OES 2018 SP1, CIFS share can be enabled to host the redirected folders on the server.


    1. NSS 4Kn Disk Support - Due to the increasing demand for hard drives with larger capacities, the storage industry introduced an advanced format called 4K Native (4Kn) that uses 4096 bytes physical sectors. Beginning with OES 2018 SP1, OES supports the advanced sector size format 4K Native (4Kn).


    1. BCC support for OES2018 - Beginning with OES 2018 SP1, Novell Business Continuity Cluster (BCC) is available as a pattern in the OES installation pattern list. This eases the distribution and delivery of BCC for OES customers. However, BCC continues to be a separate product with its own license.


    1. Cloud Integrated Storage - CIS installation is simple and can now be performed through a browser. A workflow is introduced to guide you through different deployment scenarios.


    1. Numerous bug fixes and enhancements

      ...And more!

To read about everything that was updated in this release, including more about SLES12 SP3/eDirectory 9.1, NSS AD enhancements, performance enhancements to clustering and NCP, and phase 2 of the AAF/Client for OES, please visit these pages:



Thanks for reading!

P.S. Thinking of upgrading to OES 2018 or OES 2018 SP1? There's currently a free iPrint Mobile upgrade promotion underway to sweeten the deal. To learn more or enroll, visit the Micro Focus iPrint promo page.


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