Patrick Corrigan wrote:
"InstallFile allows you to replace in-use or locked files, such as .dll files. I used it apply an updated netwin32.dll to Novell clients. "I created an app object that distributed the updated file as to the Windows System32 directory. I created another app object that then ran install file with the following parameters:":

%*WINSYSDIR%\ %*WINSYSDIR%\netwin32.dll

The file was updated at the next bootup."

This is the readme file for InstallFile and WInstallFile applications:

files to a directory on the hard disk and (optional) make a shortcut for WInstallFile. The software is then ready to run.

Installfile ...
... is a command-line utility for replacing locked files on the hard disk immediately after a reboot. This utility updates the registry so that destination file is replaced by source file after reboot.

Syntax: InstallFile sourcefile destinationfile

Example: InstallFile c:\\winnt\\system32\\ c:\\winnt\\system32\\mfc42.dll

WInstallfile ...
... performs the same function with a user-friendly dialog based interface.

- Version 1.2 now fully supports Windows 95/98/NT/Me/2000/XP.
- On Windows 95/98/Me both the source file and destination file should exists.
That is because these operating systems need the file name in short form, and the file must exist to know its short form.

You know the situation:
You cannot run your favorite application. One of the dlls suddenly has the wrong version number, probably as a result of the installation of another program. After searching the disk and CD-Roms you find the right version, only to discover the wrong version cannot be replaced. At this point, typically you would reinstall your favorite application, perhaps losing a lot of customized options.

The perfect solution is to use InstallFile to replace the wrong version file with the right version file. And it works!

Developed by Jon-Kare Hansen, You are free to use this software in its current version, as long as the software is unchanged. Any other use of the software, including reverse-compiling, is a violation of international copyright laws.

This software cannot be sold, leased or included in any other package without a written permission from the author.


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