Novell iFolder 3.7–Data Accessibility and Disaster Recovery Made Easy


Follow Me: Novell iFolder 3.7–Data Accessibility and Disaster Recovery Made Easy

by Ken Baker

Novell Connection Magazine - April 2009

Here's an excerpt:

You work hard delivering the services that your organization needs to succeed, but are there any new services that you’ve given your users in the past few years that they’ve really thanked you for? More than likely the answer is “no.” It’s not necessarily because your user base is full of ingrates; it's simply likely, that there’s nothing very extraordinary about the basic file, print and backup services that you spend so much time providing them. However, by introducing Novell iFolder into your environment, you’re bound to get some much overdo recognition from the rank-and-file all the way up to executive management.

Novell iFolder gives innovative anytime, anywhere, any machine data accessibility. With Novell iFolder, users’ data can basically follow them wherever they go, from machine to machine, and location to location. It consists of a lightweight client that resides on Windows, Linux or Mac machines, synchronizing user data across multiple user machines and the server. It eliminates the constant thumb drive shuffle that often happens when users need to move data from their office computer to their home computer. With the solution’s Web access capabilities, mobile users making sales calls can even access their data on a customer’s loaner machine.

Additionally, iFolder automatically synchronizes user data from local desktops or laptops to your servers, providing inherently powerful disaster recovery capabilities. If your computer crashes, all your iFolder data will automatically follow you to a new replacement machine. And with the iFolder data on all your corporate laptops and desktops synchronized to your servers, that user data can now be automatically backed up as part of your regular backup operations.

Originally provided as an add-on enhancement to NetWare (iFolder 2.x), Novell iFolder 3.x comes standard in Novell Open Enterprise Server Linux. And with the recent SP1 release of Novell Open Enterprise Server 2, new features and enhancements have been added to iFolder that further augment its data accessibility and disaster recovery capabilities.

A few of the key new features and enhancements for Novell iFolder 3.7 fall in the following categories:

  • Enhanced administration

  • Improved file conflict management

  • Added support for Vista and Macintosh platforms

  • Simplified install, migrate and merge capabilities

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