Portlock Ethernet TCP/IP Boot Diskette Files


TCP/IP Boot Disk for NetWare is for use with Storage Manager for the sending and receiving of Storage Manager images via TCP/IP. These images can be sent / received to another system running Storage Manager, Image Manager, Windows Tools for Storage Manager or to receive images stored on a Web server.

The following Ethernet cards are supported:

  • Compaq CPQNF3 Ethernet Cards (Compaq Proliant 1600)
  • Compaq N100 Ethernet Cards (Compaq Proliant 3000)
  • Intel CE100B Ethernet Cards (Dell 2300 & HP LH3)
  • AMD Based Ethernet Cards (IBM Netfinity 5000)
  • 3COM 3C90X Based Ethernet Cards (Dell 2300)
  • Linksys Fast Ethernet Cards
To see if one of these is the same as the driver on your server you would will need to look in SYS:SYSTEM\AUTOEXEC.NCF or LOAD INETCFG.

  • Provides a preconfigured Novell DOS Client 32 with TCP/IP support
  • Uses DHCP for dynamic IP addresses
  • Menu driven - Unzip files onto a formatted DOS 6.x bootable floppy


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