Submitted by Arndt Stajta.

FlashGot is a free Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird extension, meant to handle single and massive ("all" and "selection") downloads with several external Download Managers.

Since I switched from MS Internet Explorer to a serious browser, I've had only one regret: I've been missing the ability to handle "massive downloads" through a multithreaded, file splitting download manager.

In IE there was a "Download all with MyNice DownloadManager" menu item, which delivered every link on a web page to the download manager, ready to be choosen and downloaded in batch.

There was nothing like this on Mozilla/Firefox, so I decided to build my solution with my own hands... and it works pretty well (at least for me).

Now, after many releases, FlashGot is probably the most advanced form of browser integration for download managers, often better than the native one provided for IE, featuring:

  • a "FlashGot selection" command to selectively download items you highlight on the page (even pure textual links!)
  • a Build Gallery command, helping you to auto-generate complete media gallery from partial ones to download at once all the contents in a series.
  • Convenient shortcuts and hooks for single downloads, like Alt Click on a link and automatic interception of unknown content types, giving you the chance to override the default download manager when it is about to start.


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