AppNote Tool: A J2EE Application Example


The sample code for the examples in the February 2003 AppNote "An Asynchronous Transaction-Enabled J2EE Application: A Message Driven Bean Example".

This AppNote describes a sample application that utilizes many of the technologies of a J2EE 1.3 compatible application server. It demonstrates the use of a stateless server-side application that is managed by a transaction-aware container. The example uses a JMS Topic Publisher as a client to send asynchronous messages representing stock price updates.

The example utilizes the Novell exteNd Application Server and the Novell jBroker middleware products. Only the monitoring aspect of this example is specific to the jBroker product line. The application itself is based on J2EE standards and will work on any J2EE 1.3-compatible product. This AppNote provides you with an overview of server side J2EE technologies and hands-on experience with deploying and monitoring such an application.


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