Export Certificate


Target Platform: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003


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This is the tool to automatically download the certificate from any LDAP compliant directory server to local machine. Lot of applications including Novell Secure Login which communicate over LDAP SSL requires certificate to be configured at the client side. Before configuring the certificate, administrator has to manually export the certificate from the target Directory server.

This tool automates above steps and helps the administrators to quickly export the certificate to local machine. It is very helpful when large number of workstations has to be configured.

How to Use

  • Launch this tool on your system. You will see the dialog window as shown in the above figure.

  • Specify the target directory server address from which the certificate to be exported.

  • Next specify the file path on the local machine where exported certificate is to be stored.

  • Now click on "Export" button to download the certificate to the local machine.


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