NALalyse v1.2


ZENworks 3.2/4.01

Update details:

As well as allowing NALalyse to correctly handle Trees with aliased OUs, this release also adds a little more functionality, improved reporting and a plethora of minor bug fixes and cosmetic improvements, including:

  • The ability to filter the Issue reports by particular issue types

  • The ability to save the current application selections for use another time

  • Direct hyper-linking from the FIL file reports to Microsoft DLL help or Google

  • High-lighting of user specified files on Issues reports

  • Even greater resilience, with improved error logging

  • Horizontal scroll bars now behave as expected on all reports!

  • A multitude of other small bug fixes and cosmetic tweaks

  • Fully backwards compatible with existing NALalyse 1.1 databases

General Details:

NALalyse allows Novell ZENworks administrators to quickly sanity check, search and document ZENworks for Desktops Network Application Launcher (NAL) objects through-out a whole Tree – its sophisticated rule-base detects dozens of NAL configuration issues, including unintended capture and distribution of machine specific registry and file data such as temp files, pre-fetch files, Anti-virus logs, DHCP assigned data, Explorer MRU entries and browser history and cache entries.

NALalyse also identifies applications that inappropriately distribution system DLLs, have no associations, are slow to distribute or deviate from Novell best practices.

Along with providing detailed reports of NAL issues and potential resolutions, various other reports aid documentation and provide detailed information on application attributes, associations, 'fingerprints', run orders, macros, flags and more.

NALalyse is also capable of quickly searching hundreds of NAL objects within minutes, identifying applications distributing specific registry entries, files, INI & Text entries etc. great for tracking down applications trampling over system files and causing 'Windows File Protection' events.

Along with free form searching, pre-defined searches allow you to quickly and easily identify specific categories of information within applications such as all the 'IP addresses', 'web addresses' or 'executables'

Screen shots and more detailed information, including installation pre-requisites and release notes are available at


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