RMIAdmin v1.2


RMIAdmin is a cross platform remote administration software developed based
on the JavaTM RMI technology.

RMIAdmin allows System Administrators / Developers / Users to manage remote
computers over the network regardless of the target computer platform. With
the use of RMIAdmin, you could easily perform routine administrative tasks
in just one single interface. As a result easing the management of multiple
machine in a complex environment with mixed computer platform.

Unlike traditional remote control software, RMIAdmin does not capture the
screen display of managed computers at remote network.

It was originally created for the purpose of automating server
administration tasks, as a result to increase efficiency and effectiveness.
Rather than simply managing remote servers via local client, we also provide
customization and extensibility, such as "Command Line Option", which allows
administrator/developer to further automate tasks via scripting or batch

Moreover, we also have a set of JAVATM API opened for programmers to
interface the RMIAdmin with other software, such that more creative ideas
could be implemented by developers and therefore give birth to other
inspiring software.


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