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Backup and Anti-virus Solution Options

Data protection is a priority-one IT responsibility. In organizations of every size and description, it's critical to ensure that no matter what happens-hardware failure, human error, natural disaster or malicious intrusion-all network and client data is protected, secure and available for retrieval. Novell Open Enterprise Server includes multiple levels of protection and tools that are available to customers and development partners providing a rich collection of data backup and anti-virus solutions. This Cool Solutions article outlines the data protection and security solutions that are included with Novell Open Enterprise Server, as well as a summary of solutions available from third-party providers for backup and anti-virus protection.

Novell Open Enterprise Server Solutions

Novell Cluster Services

Novell Cluster Services is a server clustering system that ensures high availability and manageability of critical network resources including data (volumes), applications and services. It is a multi-node (2-32) high-availability clustering product enabled for Novell eDirectory that supports fail-over, fail-back, and migration (load balancing) of individually managed cluster resources. Out of the box, Novell Open Enterprise Server includes licenses for any number of two-node clusters. Additional nodes (beyond two per cluster) are available through separate licensing.

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Novell Archive and Versioning Services

Archive and Versioning Services include the ability to archive interval-based versions of files and make them available for individual user restoration based on date; when they were modified, deleted or renamed; or based on who modified a document and when. Archive and Versioning Services are available with Novell Open Enterprise Server-NetWare today and will be supported on Linux with Novell Open Enterprise Server 2.

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NSS Pool Snapshot

Novell Storage Services includes a "snapshot" option that captures the most recently saved copy of a file. This copy is retained for a backup in the event of subsequent crash. Snapshot capability is available today on Novell Open Enterprise Server-NetWare and will be supported on Linux with Novell Open Enterprise Server 2.

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SBCON and Server Consolidation and Migration Toolkit

SBCON and Server Consolidation and Migration Toolkit (SCM Toolkit) are a collection of software programs that provide backup, restore, and data migration services. These services are performed by a collection of components that are independent of operating systems and hardware. SBCON is a basic backup engine for NetWare and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and the SCM Toolkit is an advanced consolidation and migration planning and execution utility. Both are supported on Novell Open Enterprise Server-NetWare and Novell Open Enterprise Server-Linux and utilize a common API library called Storage Management Services (SMS).

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Novell Storage Services (NSS)

Novell Storage Services is an advanced file system with very granular and secure access controls. The NSS file system allows for full on-disk compatibility between NetWare and Linux. Data is protected through multiple means including:

  • Granular security with visibility (only those with rights can see the directory structure - a unique feature of NSS, not available in any other file system)

  • Volume encryption to protect sensitive data in the event that the storage medium is physically stolen

  • Salvage feature to allow for easy recovery of files that are deleted (accidentally or on purpose)

  • Advanced journaling and transaction system hardened for robustness against crashes or other data corruption-includes advanced diagnostics and rebuild tools

  • Hierarchical Storage Management support allowing for aged or less critical data to be migrated to less expensive media

  • RAID levels for advanced data protection supporting both Hardware RAID and Software RAID levels 0, 1 and 5

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Data is further protected through advanced and powerful access controls in Novell eDirectory. File-system trustee rights based on hierarchical user/group objects and directories help ensure that only those authorized are able to read, modify or manipulate files.

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In addition to the data security and backup functions included with Novell Open Enterprise Server, Novell has provided a rich API set that has enabled software OEMs specializing in data security and virus protection to develop feature-rich products that complement, enhance and extend current Novell Open Enterprise Server capabilities. These two APIs are SMS and XATTR.

SMS - Storage Management Services (SMS)

SMS - Storage Management Services (SMS) is a backup/restore infrastructure available to and supported by all major application vendors. The Novell SMS API enables software to back up open files, files that are compressed, and files that have been migrated using Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM), while maintaining trustee assignments. Other SMS features include support for NCP volumes on Linux, multi-node Novell clusters, support for GroupWise and bulk backup for eDirectory. Object-level eDirectory backup/restore is available via the LDAP backup APIs across all eDirectory-supported platforms.

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XATTR Extension for Novell Storage Services (NSS) on Linux makes it easy to back up and restore the rich NSS file metadata that is not currently exposed by other Linux/UNIX functions.
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Backup and Anti-virus Solutions for Open Enterprise Server

Backup and anti-virus solutions for Novell Open Enterprise Server (both NetWare and Linux) are available from several leading software suppliers. These solutions target small, medium and enterprise environments and range from simple to complex. Click on the links below for specific information about features, management and compatibility.

Backup Solutions




     Galaxy Backup & Recovery

     QiNetix DataMigrator

Computer Associates

     BrightStor ARCserve Backup for Linux/NetWare r11.5


     Backup Exec for NetWare



     Backup Express

Anti-virus Solutions



Computer Associates

     eTrust Antivirus


     NetShield for NetWare



     AntiVirus Enterprise Edition

Trend Micro

     ServerProtect for Linux


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