IDM 2.x/3 Password Notification Service Driver


Novell product(s) this tool is for: Dirxml 1.1, IDM 2.x/3.x, Password Sync

All-in-one IDM 2.x/3 service driver for password notifications that can
notify users, helpdesk and naudit on the following events:

  • up to three times before passwords actually expire (notification
    intervals and times are configurably)

  • after passwords expired, when grace logins fall below a
    configurable limit

  • when accounts get locked and passwords have to be reset by an

  • on intruder lockout

All notifiction types and their targets (user, helpdesk and/or naudit)
can be individually enabled/disabled. The notification schedule operates
on an hourly or daily basis and is easily configured through GCVs.

Because IDM email templates are used, notifications can contain
additional account data e.g. the time an intruder-locked account will be
automatically unlocked again, or a company name for branding purposes.
Email templates are maintained in iManager or Designer, making it easy
to give them the same look and feel as the standard templates that come
with IDM password synchronization.

New 06-22-06: This is a bugfixed and enhanced version (v1.1) of this tool. Now also decodes intruder addresses (IP only) and includes additional email
templates and a readme.txt (finally!).


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