Validation of Domain Services For Windows Configuration


Author: Garhewal Amit

What it is: This is a shell script which can be used to validate the configuration of Domain services for windows.

After successful installation / configuration of domain services for windows, user needs to counter check the configuration which involves Provisioning, getting the kerberos ticket and run rpcclient to know whether domain services are operational. To do this user must run each utility and verify the output.

To avoid running the utility in sequence one after the other , this script runs all the required utilities and provides the user with status of configuration.

Description: This script is consist of three utilities

  1. provision utility(--locate-dc): This utility validates the DNS configuration. If DNS server is configured properly then it will locate the DNS SRV record for the LDAP domain controller.

  • kinit: This utility verify the Security Services are running or not by attempting to acquire Kerberos credentials for Administrator.

  • rpcclient: This utility verify whether Domain services are operational or not.

How to use:

Use the below command to run:

sh admin_passwd

where admin_passwd is administrator password for domain.


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