Linux Monitoring Tool


This is a collection of tools and scripts that I've gathered and modified to monitor and record various resources (CPU, Memory, Processes, Disk and Network) over time on Linux.

It consists of the following:


-- A package that provides sadc, sa1, sa2 in /usr/lib/sa and sar, iostat, mpstat in /usr/bin directory.

-- Used to record (in binary) and generate various system stats (in plain text).

-- Keeps 30 days worth of logs, recorded every 5 minutes. Each day's log will be kept in /var/log/sa.


-- Round-Robin database that will be used to store various system data.

-- The system data will be collected (every minute) using default system commands as well as sysstat commands.

-- Database files will be kept in /var/db/rrdtool.


-- Scripts that will generate graphical representations of stored data. /var/db/rrdtool/scripts/

-- Graphs are created every 5 minutes and kept in /var/db/rrdtool/graphs.

-- Graphs will tract CPU Load, Disk Usage, Memory Usage, Number of Processes and Network Input/Output.

-- Eight graphs (last 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 hours and 2, 3, 7days) are created for each resource.

-- HTML files have been created for your convenience to view these graphs. Also in /var/db/rrdtool/graphs.

Installing this monitoring system will create three system-wide configuration files. Feel free to modify them if you know what you are doing. They are:




In short, you will want to check the graphs (/var/db/rrdtool/graphs/stats.html) and sysstat log files (man sar) to monitor your Linux servers.

Any errors occurred while creating and updating rrdtool databases and generating graphs will be recorded in /var/db/rrdtool/error_log.

Make sure to run the install script in the same directory as the script itself is in!

tar jxvf linux-monitoring.tar.bz2 && cd linux-monitoring

./ or source to INSTALL

./ or source to UNINSTALL

./ or source to erase the graphs and start over.

This is a good one-stop monitoring tool because it monitors just about everything. You can view the graphs with your browser and it actually records data. (I don't know of any other tool that does this.)


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