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This tool is for any products running Linux. It was written on a workstation running SUSE Linux Professional 9.3. Helpful for Newbies (such as I).

This tool was written to easily collect the basic system information that I might need to be able to reinstall my system. Also, it was an exercise in writing a
shell script. You must "chown root:root ./" the file and then run
it as root since it accesses files that only root has access to.

Save the file to your home folder, open a console window, "su -" to root, "cd" to your
home directory, type "./" .

It will collect information from your HOSTNAME, hosts, fstab, mtab and /etc/samba/smb.conf files. Also, it gathers your ifconfig settings.

If you would like to add, delete or change any of the information collected, open ./ in your favorite text editor and hack away.

All collected data is output to the file ./systeminformation.txt . You might want to add a line in the file for it to "cat ./systeminformation.txt" to see the settings on screen, or
"cat ./systeminformation.txt > lpr" to keep a printed copy of your settings.


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