Get Notified of New Patches for Specific Products


I've had several questions lately about how to get notified of new patches. Fortunately we have several ways for you to find out about when new patches are released.

The first is via the Patch Finder. When you first go to the Patch Finder you will see what new patches have been released in the last 60 days at the bottom of the screen - see the red box below.

Patch Finder

Secondly, from the Patch Finder page you can also choose to subscribe to receive patch notifications - see the red box below. Note that if you are so inclined, there is also an option next to that for an RSS feed of new patches.

Patch Finder Subscribe

When you click on the link for the Patch Notifications, you are taken to the the Patch Notification management screen. From here you can see all the available products and opt in to receive the type of notifications that you are looking for. Once you are subscribed, at the bottom of this screen you can manage and unsubscribe if you wish.

Patch Notifications

Third, you can also subscribe to patch notifications from the Customer Centre. In the Customer Centre, under the Software List, next to each product, you can opt to subscribe to receive notifications.

Customer Center

For those of you not aware of these options, hopefully it helps and makes it easier to keep your systems up to date.


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  • Thanks but I did mention it "Note that if you are so inclined, there is also an option next to that for an RSS feed of new patches." ;-)
  • Just FYI there are also RSS feeds to patches for some products one could subscribe to:

    My computer used to beat me a chess all the time ..... until I changed the competition to kick boxing.

  • I see you didn't mention the "patch RSS feeds" that is just to the right of "patch notifications" on the Patch Finder page.
    The RSS feeds have been an awesome way to keep track of patches that is not dependent on one overloaded mailbox. Like any other tool, RSS isn't for everyone, I just find it great for tracking things like blogs that I want to read, but don't want to spend the time tracking when the next post is, instead can leave it for when I have the time for such things.
    The problem with the existing email notification methods is that they don't give you any choice of email address in the same way Google+ tried to enforce you having only your 'real' for their + service. I use multiple email accounts for a nice filtering of what I need alerting to since 'smart' phones still have a LONG way to go before they are actually smart in which messages to interrupt me about.


    Andy of in Toronto
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