16 Years of Server Uptime -- can you top that?


Long-time contributor Tommy Mikkelsen alerted us to this awesome story in Ars Technica: Epic uptime achievement unlocked. Can you beat 16 years?

On September 23, 1996, someone applied a patch to their NetWare 3.12 server (named INTEL, after its processor) and rebooted it.

And then it just ran, and ran, and ran.

"Sixteen and a half years later, INTEL's hard disks—a pair of full height 5.25 inch 800 MB Quantum SCSI devices—are making some disconcerting noises from their bearings, and you're tired of the complaints. It's time to turn off the old warhorse."

We got to wondering, is there anyone in our readership who could equal or top that record? Let us know. We'll give prizes to anyone who can match or beat 16.5 years of continuous uptime. Email a shot of your console showing the uptime stats, to coolguys@novell.com.

If no one can beat 16 years, we'll give a prize to the one who comes closest.

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    This is the kind of stuff that gets me saying I'll keep using Novell even if Novell goes away.

    No product can match this uptime so easily. Today our times have changed, where constant modifications are needed for you to remain competitive, and security updates are rolling weekly, let it be Linux or Windows (the latter always excels at that).

    I always joke that while our users are running OES and GroupWise, we go out service Microsoft customers while we forget that maintenance is on our servers.

    My boss has a saying: you can know for sure something at IT is good when you forget it exists.