NetWare Migration Wizard 6.5


NetWare Migration Wizard 6.5 is a user-friendly utility from Novell that
simplifies and accelerates your server migrations (hardware upgrades). It
migrates the file system and NDS or eDirectory data from an older
NetWare source server to a faster, more reliable destination server. The
new server replaces the old one and assumes its server name and IP address
on the network.

Use NetWare Migration Wizard 6.5 to migrate NetWare 4 source servers to
any of the following supported destination servers:

  • NetWare 5.1

  • NetWare 6.0

  • NetWare 6.5

  • NetWare-based Open Enterprise Server

To download and install Migration Wizard 6.5, your workstation must have
30 MB of available disk space.

This version of the Migration Wizard is no longer supported by Novell.

Important: To migrate data from NetWare 5 and 6 servers to NetWare 6.0, NetWare 6.5, or NetWare-based Open Enterprise Server, use NetWare Migration Wizard 8.0 or later. Server Consolidation Migration Toolkit 1.1 includes NetWare Migration Wizard 8.1.


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