Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM) Integration Modul for Novell Identity Manager


Our integration module uses the AXL SOAP interface for the synchronization with the CUCM. The AXL SOAP server is an integrated part of the CUCM solution. It provides a very flexible and customizable interface for the data exchange.

Our integration module creates and synchronizes users with your Cisco PBX solution. New users are created automatically in the CUCM. As soon as a phone device is assigned to a user in the CUCM, the user receives a valid phone number, which is synchronized with your central directory. Phone numbers of your employees in the identity vault are always up to date.

Multiple assignments of phone devices to users is completely supported. Users can have as many phone device and phone numbers as needed. All phone numbers will be synchronized to the identity vault. User modifications in the central directory will be tracked and adjusted accordingly in the CUCM.

The integration module offers a number of configurable parameters. You can define the user container, that holds the user objects, which need to be synchronized. Other parameters determine the behavior of the driver on deletion or deactivation of users. The driver has a very flexible design and can be adjusted to any function the AXL SOAP interface offers.


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