Useful with UNIX/Linux clients that use eDirectory for LDAP authentication or rely on the DirXML driver for NIS/NIS . ndspasswd mimics and replaces functionality of yppasswd.

Can be used on any UNIX/Linux platform supported by eDirectory (tested on Solaris & Linux with eDirectory 8.7.3). To use on Solaris, you must install NLDAPsdk.pkg and NLDAPbase.pkg from the eDirectory for Solaris media. To use on Linux, you must install NLDAP sdk-8.7.3-34.i386.rpm and NLDAPbase-8.7.3-34.i386.rpm from the eDirectory for Linux media.

Edit the script on the line below 'Enter your DS servers here'. Copy the script to /usr/bin or /bin on every system with the required packages. After this, you can change your password by executing 'ndspasswd'.

To allow users to change their shell, add an /etc/shells file with all shells users are authorized to change to, furthermore, follow the comments in ndspasswd on adding the [This] ACL so all user's are allowed to change their own login Shell attribute. After this, users may change their shell with 'ndspasswd -e' (just like 'yppasswd -e').


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