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This application was specifically created for Dutch Novell users.

We had complaints that some Dutch users aren't familiar with the English term "grace" as applied to grace logins. So, I created a program that determines the password expiration date. In the ini you can specify from what day it starts notifying the user his/her password is about to expire. Until some point they can still cancel the notice, but from the specified day (configured in the ini) you can force them to change their password. (without the option to cancel).

I configured the login script so that after the drive mappings are made the tool starts with #chkgracelogin.exe. This way it waits until the program is closed before it continues with its login script.

The program also checks the available grace logins. If it's below 6, it will start to notify the user also. However, because you start checking before the password expires it normally never reaches the grace logins.

You need:

-nwdirauth.dll from



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