SPACEWatch Pro v5


Sharpeware has released SPACEWatch 5, a major product update that provides a comprehensive toolset to search and analyse network space use quickly and easily on local and remote systems; pinpointing unexpected and unwanted files and directories as well as important changes over time.

SPACEWatch 5 is the first program to provide centralised space owner search and analysis features for Windows, Active Directory, NetWare eDirectory, UNIX and IBM Lotus systems - whatever the mix. Space data can be collected at any time, locally or remotely. This data can then be used again and again for sophisticated search and analysis, using a range of built-in tools. SPACEWatch uses highly graphical presentation of space use, linked by single click 'drill down', to instantly link high-level summary information with the underlying detail.

Built-in search features allow little used areas of storage to be easily identified - search by department (on directory-enabled networks) or user, with the space owner features. Search for duplicates or compare space data files to spot change. SPACEWatch scales these features to networks of more than 2 million files or directories across any number of servers.

Standard analyses identify candidate areas for archiving; display space use against your Active Directory, eDirectory or Domino Directory hierarchy, or against your filesystem and server structure; use the chart interface to see trends by size, date or owner; see applications found - alongside manufacturer information and the files created by them, whatever their location.

SPACEWatch lets you copy and paste text and graphic results into other applications - or use the built-in Reporting module with its range of pre-formatted space reports. Reports can be published with full fidelity in a variety of formats including Web page, Adobe Acrobat, Excel or Word to allow easy sharing with others.


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