Lesspace 3.4 - DOS TSR utility


LESSPACE is a DOS TSR utility, designed to solve problems with very large Disks; Single-user or Networks, virtual, compressed or real. The initial releases of this utility activated on disks which were typically greater than 2GB, but this threshold was later reduced to 536MB (approx).

If your DOS application is misbehaving because you are using large hard drives, this TSR may help. Technically, the TSR watches for requests from the application to DOS/WIN for details of the disk space, and, as the details are being passed back to the application program, this TSR adjusts them down to "more reasonable" values, where relevant.

Therefore, if the TSR determines that it should make some adjustments to the internal details going to the application, you may get incorrect (reduced) space values (total and/or free space) in the application; but, your application should still work correctly. [That's what the TSR is for!]. You don't "lose" any space; you don't need to re-partition your drives into smaller units - your application just "sees" less-space.

The utility includes a "fix" related to the "Critical Error Handler" code in Win95 (Int-24). This impacts commands like the DriveStatus() function in Paradox-DOS. Without the "fix", DriveStatus() will always return TRUE on floppies and CDs.

Lesspace also has a feature to activate an epoch facility in Paradox-DOS systems, and in other systems which have a similar internal treatment of Y2K dates.

Finally, the TSR also has an option to mark specified drives as "Remote". This may be useful for apps running in peer-to-peer networks, or for multiple tasks running on a single PC.

Updated 7/2002 to include auto-repair of internal filenames with embedded spaces, /Z opt.



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