DiscussIt is a Web program written in Java (a servlet) for Novell serversthat allows Web-based discussion, file upload and distributed fileediting/versioning, together with NDS-based access control. Sinceadministration can be done via Web interface, the goal is to create aself-maintained internet forum.

Discussion articles and files are stored in directories on the server filesystem. All information needed for DiscussIt functionality is stored infile properties and NDS user or NDS group rights. Therefore, no NDS schemeextensions and no databases are necessary.

You can use DiscussIt with any modern Web browser that supports JavaScript.

Main features:

  • easy to use Web-based interface
  • multilingual Web interface (English and German available. For other languages, a resource file can be translated)
  • replies can be made both on discussion articles and files
  • program consumes only one licensed connection, no further user licences needed
  • no database needed
  • layout control with a style sheet
  • capable of handling special (e.g. Polish or German) characters
  • free to use for non-commercial purposes, complete source code is available


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