Restart NDPS Manager Without Having to Unload and Reload It


By Bryan Keadle

Did you know you can restart your NDPS Manager *without* having to unload it and reload it?

I'm sometimes wary of unloading NDPS Manager because of past experience of it occasionally hanging. Additionally, the loading of the NDPS Manager can (and mine does) takes a number of command line parameters. My load looks like this:

/ipaddress= /

Sure, you can create an .NCF to simplify loading this command, but I already have an .NCF that loads the Broker and the Manager (and the iSCSI volume where I have NDPS store it's drivers and spooling locations).

Also, perhaps I really just want all my Printer Agents to get reloaded.

Anyway, here's a tip that allows you to effectively reload NDPS Manager:

Go to the NDPS Manager Console, and select the NDPS Manager Status and control option:

Arrow down to Database Options and press Enter:

Arrow down to the Resynchronize Database Files option and press Enter:

You'll get a pop-up box informing you that the database needs to be closed, and the Printer Agents will be shut down. This is what we want:

Confirm Yes to the Resynchronize Database Files prompt.

When complete, you'll get this confirmation prompt that the database has been resynchronized:

Press Enter to confirm, and you will now see the Printer Agents reload.

You've effectively restarted your NDPS Manager!


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