Use this application when a user plugs in a usb key or other
removable storage devices and it does not show up because it is assigned a drive letter by Windows that is already mapped to a network drive.

When this app is run it finds that conflict, corrects it by putting the removable drive on a new, unused letter, and the drive is then useable and will autoplay if autoplay is enabled. This saves time where the user would have to go into the disk management mmc and correct the conflict manually.

I hope this is useful! I haven't seen anything like it and that's why I made it. Runs on Windows XP, not tested in Windows 2000 or older.

4/12/06 UpdateThe app is now compiled into an exe (as so many people requested) so it can be more easily distributed.
It now supports removable cd/dvd drives as well as virtually all other removable usb and firewire devices... even ipods!

Use with -s to silence the dialog boxes.


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