How to Use FILTCFG to Protect Against Possible Security Vulnerability with ApacheAdmin on NetWare 6.5


TID 7001907 gives details about a potential security vulnerability with Apache, or more specifically ApacheAdmin, on NetWare 6.5 after you've installed an OES2 Linux server into the same tree.

However there seems to (currently) be some ambiguity about the actual cause and suggested fix.

Here's one way of securing access to port 2200 on your NetWare server using FILTCFG.

  1. edit sys:/etc/builtins.cfg and add the following line (perhaps before IPX services are defined)

PROTOCOL-SERVICE IP, NWWebMgr, pid=TCP port=2200 srcport=<All>, NetWare Web Manager

  • load INETCFG and navigate to Protocols | TCP/IP

  • change Filter Support to Enabled

  • load FILTCFG and navigate to Configure TCP/IP Filters | Define TCP/IP filters | Packet Forwarding Filters

  • change Status to Enabled

  • press [Ins] twice on Filters to add the following filter

Packet Type: NWWebMgr

  • press [Esc] and select Yes when prompted to Save Filter?

  • press [Ins] twice on Exceptions to add the following exception

Packet Type: NWWebMgr
Src Addr Type: Network
Src IP Address: network/netmask

  • press [Esc] and select Yes when prompted to Save Filter?

  • press [Esc] four times and select Yes when prompted to Exit FILTCFG?

  • RESTART SERVER (unfortunately - to re-read builtins.cfg)


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