How to link two related reports in ZRS Infoview


The following steps explain how to link two reports in ZRS Infoview.

(Eg: You can have a report that lists Devices assigned to a Bundle. You can make all those device values as a Hyperlink so that on clicking it, it takes you to the report that shows the device details like device ip, host name, floor, inventory data, etc.)


Create the Bundles assignment report and a Device Details report.


  1. Right click on a Report(Bundle Assignment Report) in which you want hyperlink to the target report.

  • Select Modify.

  • Select the Device name column which you want to be linked to the Device details report and right click on it.

  • Select Hyperlink > new.

  • Select the report document using the Browse button.

  • Press Apply.

Now the device names will become a hyperlink and they will take you to the device details report on clicking on it.

Advantages of Linking Reports:

On reading through a report, we will always be interested in getting finer information about certain dimensions of the report.

As suggested in the example, when we are viewing the bundle assignment report, certainly we may have the requirement of knowing who is the owner of the assigned machine or which floor this machine is residing in my company.

Fetching all this possible information in a single report (that is single query) may be inefficient as it may fetch vast information in a single report, sometimes it may not be possible also.

Using this linking, we can have separate reports solving each section of reporting needs and we can navigate to the sections as needed.

Note: Report linking works only for ZRS 10.3.


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