Volume Reporter 1.3


This utility will scan eDirectory for volume object and report on their status. The report includes:

  • Volume Name

  • Volume Context

  • Host Server

  • Size

  • Used Space

  • Purgeable Space

  • Free Space

  • Percentage Free

  • Name Space

  • Mounted

  • Date/Time last modified

The output from the program is written to an HTML file. Style sheets can be used to alter the layout of the HTML report to suit your organisations style. All changes made to the program are saved in an INI file so that they can be re-used the next time that the program runs. The INI files themselves can be saved and reloaded so that different report styles, column heading and tree starting points can be stored for later runs of the application.

Version 1.3

  • Added column displaying purgeable space

  • Added facility to add header (including HTML tags) to report

  • Fixed a few calculation errors (thanks to Bryan Morgan for spotting those and suggesting
    adding purgeable space


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