Check NDS Login ability with Nagios

check_ndslogin can test the eDirectory Login to any eDirectory Server by Nagios.

Nagios will report the following Status:

  • OK Status: Login is working fine

  • Warning Status: User or Password wrong

  • Critical Status: Server non eDir Server / eDirectoy closed / Server unknown

  • Unknown: unknown Parameter; Unknown 'exit' Status

Required Packages: ncpfs

You need a $HOME/.nwclient File; if not exist take a look in man (5) nwclient

The Script comes without ABSOLUTLY NO WARRANTY

Copyright (c) 2006 by Christian Mies

Usage: check_ndslogin -H <hostname>

3-27-06 Update: Bugfixes and enhancements.

4-11-06 Update: Version: 0.0.4

  • BUGFIXES in STATE for Nagios

  • More then 1 Server with User and PW in $home\.nwclient possible

  • BUGFIXES in UNKNOWN - Statement

  • Examplefile for .nwclient

  • "--new" Parameter


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