Report: Date-Range 1.5


(1) This Perl script conveniently mails a formatted report (username, fullname, date of expiration) into your inbox listing accounts whose password will expire between two user-specified dates.

NWAdmin, ConsoleOne, and even iManager have no native means to display results for this type of query.

Identifying such accounts can be especially useful prior to a major IT project, migration, or an upgrade that could last for an extended period of time -- during which you want to avoid causing additional administrative complexity and keep things simpler for your end-users.

(2) Additionally, this script can also now alter the expiration date of those identified accounts by:

  • Advancing all accounts' expiration to the same future date, or
  • Alternatively advancing each account by "x" number of days beyond
  • their current password expiration date, maintaining their naturally staggered pattern(keeps your Helpdesk from being potentially overwhelmed with password issues if there's a problem).

Both of these update-type selections upgrade the formatted report to include before-and-after styled results detailing each user account's information.


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