Mirror iManager Plug-ins on local server


Your environment runs fine, all hosts are up and running. You install the latest OES updates but then, you have to install a few iManager NPMs which are not delivered with the OES patches.

Normally you do not allow your iManager to connect to the internet. So you have to reconfigure iManager to use the proxy, maybe set a rule at the proxy ... and afterwards switch it back to secure.

On the other hand, you can use the script below, put it into your SMT-Server and configure iManager to use the local URL.

#! /bin/bash
# Script downloads the iManager-Plugins, store them locally and edit the XML-File.
# (This is the bash3 version)
# by thopp, Maintainet AG (c)
# April 2017
# Version: b1-0.01

trap cleanup EXIT

# Create temporary File which contain the XML-data after downloads and
TMPXML=$(mktemp -p /tmp/ tmpXXX)
URLLST=$(mktemp -p /tmp/ tmpXXX)
URLNEW=http://<Your SMT-Server here>$PSTORE

# Cleanup
cleanup() {
# Delete TMP-File
rm -r $TMPXML
rm -r $URLLST

# Get the XML-File from Novell:
wget -O $TMPXML http://www.novell.com/products/consoles/imanager/iman_mod_desc.xml

# Extract the download URLs
grep "http://" $TMPXML | cut -f 3 -d [ | cut -f 1 -d ] | sort | uniq > $URLLST

# Download the NPMs an store them incl. Path
while read URL ; do
done < $URLLST

# Edit the XML-File
sed "s|http://cdn.novell.com/|$URLNEW/|g" $TMPXML > $NEWXML

exit 0

If you want to use this script do the following:

Copy and paste it in a file. Name it e.g. dlimanplugin.sh. Put this file to your SMT-Server into the directory /usr/local/bin.

Set the Owner to root and the rights to R/O

#chown root:root /usr/local/bin/dlimanplugin.sh
#chmod 500 /usr/local/bin/dlimanplugin.sh

Edit at least the Variable URLNEW.

Create a cronjob for a regular run. (E.g. once a week)

At last configure iManager to use the custom Download-Site (Tab Download Plugins)

Good luck


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