AFP ProxyUser

If AFP throws the error:
"Failed to read proxy user credentials. Ensure that CASA is running and AFP casa entry is updated. Error: -802" and CASA is running maybe there is no proxy user for AFP configured or CommonProxyUser is not used.

You can reconfigure the AFP-ProxyUser with a few OES included scripts:

/opt/novell/afptcpd/bin/ <proxy-fdn> <bind-fdn> <ldap-ip> <ldap-port> <SSL|NonSSL>

This script needs the Password of the eDir Admin, an FDN for a Dummy ProxyUser and a Pwd for this user.


#  export OES_DATA=Admin-Pwd
#  export OES_AFP_DATA=afptestproxy-Pwd
# /opt/novell/afptcpd/bin/ cn=afptestproxy,o=myComp cn=admin,o=myComp 636 SSL
#  unset OES_DATA=
#  unset OES_AFP_DATA=

Attention: To prevent that the passwords are written to the history file start the line with a blank!

After this AFP is configured with the DummyProxyUser. Now you can change the service to use the CommonProxyUser:

/opt/novell/proxymgmt/bin/ -d <admin-fdn> -i <IP-Adgresse LDAP-Server> -p <Port secure LDAP-Servicee (636)> -s novell-afp

This script replaces the DummyProxyUser with the CommonProxyUser. After this AFP will start without problems.

If there is still a problem, check LUM.



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