Update on IDM 4.7 and IDM 4.7 Bundle Edition support for OES


Hello Everyone,

Just a quick update on where we are with IDM 4.7 and OES support.

An updated IDM 4.7 ISO release to support OES is currently under development. It's expected to be generally available between end of August to mid September.

When available, this will be supported on OES2018 patched to Update 3 level (released in June) or above. This is because that Update 3 includes eDirectory 9.1, which is a pre-requisite for IDM 4.7.

In addition to adding support for OES, the re-released IDM 4.7 will include other installation related fixes, reported since it's release early this year.

For any further queries on this please drop a note to Tom.Burt@microfocus.com for IDM queries and to pmadhan@microfocus.com for OES queries.



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