OES 2015 SP1 is now available for download


Hello Everyone,

We released OES 2015 SP1 yesterday and you can download it from here.

Key highlights of the release include:

    • Salvage / Purge support over CIFS (for both eDirectory and AD users)


    • CIFS Performance improvements


    • NSS Performance improvements by reducing disk fragmentation


    • Enhancements to NSS AD Integration

        • FTP support for AD users

        • Multi-forest Support


    • Auditing enhancements


    • Configurable purge policies


    • Lastly, the product is now Micro Focus branded - all user interfaces should reflect Micro Focus.

Some of these features enhancements are direct requests made to us through the IDEAS Portal.  So, keep your requests and ideas flowing there and we'll socialize, collaborate and take it forward.

Along side we have also released a new version of Client for Open Enterprise Server (formerly Novell Client), which is also re-branded to reflect the Micro Focus brand.

Join us for a community webinar on Thursday, 16th June to learn more.  You can register for the webinar here.

The official launch for SP1 is planned for the last week of June, when web updates, social media promotions, will all be undertaken.

Do share your thoughts / comments / feedback here or drop a note to pmadhan@microfocus.com


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