SHGUIDS.EXE has been written to allow stamping of ZENworks Application GUIDS, depending on if the actual application is already installed on the workstation. Use SHGUIDS.EXE to allow ZENworks administrators to stamp the workstations with the appropriate GUID, and to prevent the application from being deployed if it already is installed and functional on the workstation. This will allow the ZENworks application to be assigned to the user, and also provide a self-healing functionality.

Usage: SHGUIDS.EXE "Treename" "GUID number" "Full Application path/filename"

Example: SHGUID.EXE "Tree1" "12345-67890-12345-23456" "C:\Windows\Calc.exe"This will check for the existence of C:\Windows\Calc.exe, and then stamp the workstation registry with the ZENworks Application GUID of 12345-67890-12345-23456, for the tree named Tree1.

Recommendation: When implementing SHGUIDS.EXE, you can place this into the login script,call from a batch file, etc. You can also create a ZENworks application to force run this down to the associated users.

Contact Information: This application has been written for the specific purpose to stamp self-healing keys on the workstation. This application has been deployed and is bug free for the intended purpose. Please feel free to use this, and provide me with feedback on this application. If anyone requires this application to be modified for their environment, please email me and I will endeavor to meet your requests, if I have time to do so.

Steve Bogdanov
Adelaide, South Australia.



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